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Rest In Peace… a corny blog… but i don’t particularly care
March 15, 2010

It’s funny the way things can affect us.
Like how the smell of coco butter can instantly bring back memories of summer.
Or how a piece of chocolate can take away any form of hormonal distress.
Like the way the way the sounds of an ocean can make someone feel home again.
Or how a family dog can make a small girl happy; from the first day she laid eyes on you at age three until a month after her seventeenth birthday.

I remember the day we got you. We went to a friend of mum’s house, because we hadn’t seen them in a while. I’m not exactly sure why, but my sisters and I had gone along for the visit, even though we weren’t really close with the Browns’ children. We didn’t know at the time, but their dog had just given birth to a litter of puppies. Mutts. None of them were really needed or wanted, and the family desperately needed to find homes for them. I’m not really sure how we carried you home. Whether you sat on our laps or whether we put you in a cardboard box. All I remember was that you were there. And you were ours. Mum made it really clear that Dad was not to know we had brought home a puppy until she had talked to him about it. Naturally, the first thing Grace did was burst through the door and exclaim madly that we ‘had a puppy’. Dad at first said no, but like everyone else, he took one look at you and fell in love.
I always had a pretty big imagination as a kid, but I think what I’m most proud of is being able to hear your voice when I was really young. I used to imagine you talking to me, but of course you already know that. I wish I could say you told me really sentimental stuff, but the truth is, it really wasn’t. You didn’t give me advice or anything; you just suggested games for us to play to keep ourselves entertained while Grace and Lauren were at school.
 I remember we got you a kennel that was too big for you, and you used to get super lonely in it, so I would often sit with you in your kennel on a rainy day. Mainly to keep you company, but also because it was a good hiding spot. I drew you pictures on the roof of that kennel.
I remember when the days of being a kid passed, and Lauren finally moved into town and lived with Grace. I no longer had her company, and on that first day of being alone I paced around the outside of our house for a long time. And who was trotting alongside me? You were. It was pretty cute actually.
I remember all the times we took you to the beach, when we would lift you up out of the water you used to keep paddling the air because your paws were wet and you thought you were still swimming.
I remember all the dreaded times of giving you baths – no seriously, you have no idea how rank it was for us. Especially because straight after we bathed you, you would run out into the dirt.
I remember all of the adventures at our favourite place.
And I remember ‘feather head puppies’.
I remember thinking you were invincible, I mean come on, how many dogs survive after being attacked by a grey hound and attacked by a bull. How many dogs survive after having their paw almost amputated off after getting it stuck in a fence, having a tick on their nose for about a week and being hit by my mother’s insano driving? You survived a lot longer than we thought you would.
But I guess, every being meets its end one day. And even though you had such a perfect life, I’m sad it has come to an end. I’ll really miss you. We’ve had a lot of memories.
Just a little puppy we brought home all those years ago, in the hope we could have a little bit of entertainment out of it.
Fuck I wonder if we knew back then how bloody special you would be to us.
Probably not.

But anyways I just want to say thank you.
The most amazing companion.
The ‘Champion Hound’.
My best friend.