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August 31, 2009

Everyone knows I’m in over my head,
but see, the question is:
How deep?

Megan: Here are my lyrics (recites in French).
English teacher: And what does that mean in English Megan?
Megan: I’ve got a secret.
It’s on the tip of my tongue, it’s on the back of my lungs.
And I’m gonna keep it.
I know something you don’t know.
English Teacher: Ooh, do we ever find out what the secret is?
Megan: (About to respond) It-
Mel: (Screaming as loud as she can) REPPPPENT!

“I wish I could think like you,
you have the most beautiful mind,
I have ever met”


August 30, 2009


I shall paint this little stud
August 25, 2009

Picture 012-1

August 2, 2009

Take me to your formalBathrroomCheggetme and rafDance floor

Formal dresses, leather jackets and tie died shirts. Prepare for a novel. Scuse the typo’s.
August 2, 2009

So it was my formal last night.
I think that is the best place I can start it.
I am not sure if it is possible for me to HAVE so many feelings at the moment.
My weekend has been amazing. Beyond words actually.
I will tell you about it.
This is what our original plan was:
1. Go to the formal.
2. “GIT SMASHED” at the after party.
3. Have Macca’s in the morning and bum around town.
Some of that actually happened. But it sorta went out a little differently.
And with more steps… and greater detail =)
1. I shaved my legs and stuff at the boarding house. Called my Dad on several occasions; he wished me good luck and said he wished he could see me.
2. Went and got my hair done (figured out my weekend leave with Sue. She was not impressed that I had left it until the last moment to change my plans).
3. Played with Bek in the bathroom: wrote the thank you speech for the formal committee.
4. Went to Raffy’s house. Getting ready with her and the others sort of made me realise how much I missed my family and friends. Back in Scottsdale the leavers dinner is such an amazing big deal; and I remember getting all excited about it, organizing my partner and all that stuff, but it never really ended up happening. Because I moved and all that.
5. We took some photo’s at Raffy’s.
6. We drove to Rubee’s house.
7. Dropped off all the gear, and all ten of the girls who were there got into our limo. (Which was not too shabby at all).
8. Sang along to “My humps” extraordinarily loud in the back section of the limo.
9. Arrived at the formal, found my seat. Did all that shizzle. Had the group photo and listened to all the speeches.
10. Ate the food, Threw the food (Mel and Georgia) and hid the food (from Bek who was extremely hungry).
11.  Formal’ed it up. Raved to all the good ones. Raffy and I made up all of our own interesting versions of the songs. “Hit me baby one more time” became “Take me to your formal NOW!”.  And we also discussed people “getting out of our heads”. Haha
12. Attempted not to think about sad things, and home.
13. The formal finished. So tired I can’t even remember the last song.
14. We all were transported to Mel’s for the party.
15. We snuck in Alex Dew. Rubee then decided that it would be a great idea to whack a pom pom head band on the poor stunned 17 year old and tie his hair into a pony tail.
Rubee: Ok he needs… an excuse. Something to divert the attention.
Alex: (silent)
Rubee: Just say you got your period when you were twelve.
Someone (can’t remember who): Yeah cause that will really work. “Hey! Are you a guy!?” “I GOT MY PERIOD WHEN I WAS TWELVE!”.
16. We sat around for a bit. Ate food. Talked about the formal for a bit. Sorta cruised. Began a round of some drinking game that Mel explained… every time I had to drink though I just ate chips- very classy I know. But it was still good.
Rubee: We’re cool. We all planned a relatively massive party, and now we are pretty much too buggered to do anything.
Sophie: We got minor thrill out of sneaking in one boy, and dressing him up as a female.
Mel: Yeah… didn’t turn out how we wanted really. I don’t really mind though.
Sophie: Yeah. It isn’t too bad.
Rubee: Still good.

18. We continued playing for a bit longer, til we ran out of alcohol, then we just raised our hand, because we thought it was pointless ending something just because we had ran out of alcohol.
19. Laughed. Cruised. Talked about Dave Joslyn.
20. Fell asleep next to Bek and Mel. Thought about home before I went to sleep.
21. Woke up. Talked to everyone in the room, minus Bek, Mel and Cheg.
22. Everyone left. Bek, Mel and I cleaned up the house, then headed up to the corner store to see ‘hot muso’ (insert chortles).
23. Hot muso wasn’t working, so we headed down to Salamanca with a guitar and harmonica.
24. Mel and Bek made beautiful sounds while I just cruised around… thanked people when they gave them money. Wished secretly that I wasn’t musically challenged.
25. Mel and Bek started playing “I like you so much better when you’re naked” so naturally, a rave was necessary. Then the cutest kid alive came up to dance with us. He did his cute little toddler dance while Mel and I raved a bit. His Dad then gave him some money to give us, so he did, then he parked up a seat with us til the end of the song.
26. Mel and Bek busked in the rain for about three hours all up, and I played next to them happily. (Had to answer questions by the cops who wanted to know details about a guy who stole some money from the shop and was apparently in Salamanca).
27. Sat in Banjos. Ate stuff. Got warm. Talked about bands.
28. Busked more.
29. Headed to Sandy Bay for some Macca’s.
30. Sat in Macca’s for a bit.
Mel: That guy is hot.
Bek: Fuck yes.
Catelyn: Not bad…
Mel: Catelyn. Get his number for us.
Catelyn: (thinking) Yeah… alright.
(Walks over after a bit)
Catelyn: (Taps guy on shoulder) hey man, can I have your number?
Hot Macca’s guy: Nahh sorry, I already have a girlfriend.
Catelyn: No problem mate. (looking back at Mel and Bek) thanks anyways… (walks off) Sorry guys… no luck.
31. Went to Coles, Mel and Bek were on the hunt for hot muso’s. There was no luck. You see hot muso’s just don’t shop at Coles. Bought shampoo and conditioner. Started a ‘very tired’ rave while we waited to be served.
Mel: Come on… (reading the checkout man’s name-tag) DANIEL! Rave with us.
Daniel: I don’t wanna get fired.
Bek: (Amongst raving) You won’t lose your job.
Catelyn: You shall get a promotion.
Daniel: Changing to another register as his mate took over.
(Continued to rave as we left the shop)
Mel: Don’t forget to rave everyone. Rave every day. Start your Rave for Ten Days diet now!
32. Headed back home at around 4:30. Got into the boarding house.
33. I was sorta in a weird mood. Happy because I was sad. And sad because I was tired. And tired because I was so happy. I was looking at the photo’s on my laptop in the duty office when I noticed the window was open. So I tried closing it. As it is, we have windows that date back over seventy years ago, so they are almost impossible to shut and open. Izzy said to lift one side up. So I did, pressing hard on the window sill with my right hand. The window fell pretty much straight away: straight onto my fingers. (Freaking heavy mother of an ancient window) So I let out a very long pretty word and then remained silently in shock. After a bit Izzy got up and started trying to lift it up, but couldn’t so she called Victoria over to help. Finally we got it up and I swear I have not been in that kind of pain in a long long time. At first I swore I was about to cry, but after a bit I kinda sat there and pissed myself laughing. My poor squashed fingers were a little worse for wear, but they looked so damn funny all bruised and munted.
33. Ran my fingers under cold water: they swelled a bit.
34. Had dinner.
35. Came to my room, and began typing this.

So here I am. Reliving my past night and day. I don’t think I have anything particularly moraltastic to say. Nothing inspirational. Nothing special. I am clean out. Stuff will be flowing later on, but I’m just in such a  good cruisy mood that I want to just keep chilling out for a bit longer. Cheg, Raffy, Mel, Aimee, Bek, Megan, Georgie, Sophie, Rubee and even Alex- I had a great one last night. Thanks I guess, if you are reading this (for some insane reason). Thanks for making it awesome. I know I haven’t been here long, and bits of me are still broken up and remain in Bridport where my home is: but you guys make me feel like I actually belong down here. You don’t expect me to act like I don’t miss people back home, and you don’t try and force me to change myself. You don’t shun me for the choices I make and hey, we still had a bloody brilliant time eh? Haha I really have joined the world of epic fails.